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Original switch may be almost impossible to find; what's on now may not be original equipment...

Work-around is to find a likely looking push-to-make switch and lock nut and a standard reverse stop housing to drill and tap for the replacement switch. Switch thread can be up to 13mm diameter (i.e. about the same as the cross shaft diameter). Blind end of the cross shaft bore should have enough of a centre left from manufacture to guide a pilot drill.

If only a push-to-break switch can be found then wire the switch to the coil of a 5-pin relay: use relay NC (normally closed) contacts for the overdrive solenoid, i.e. relay off = solenoid on. For simplest wiring make the stop housing switch the ground connection for the relay coil so that the existing ignition supply for the overdrive can be connected to the other relay coil terminal and one of the NC terminals. Requires a warning lamp to cater for relay failing to off.

Remove the existing stop housing first to assess travel of the striking levers cross shaft between 1/2 and 3/4 speed gears to work out optimum switch length allowing for grinding the stop housing to provide a tolerably flat face for the lock nut to bear on.

Be ready to catch the detent ball when the spring housing is removed (long hexagon or tapered thing hanging down from the stop housing), or rotate the housing upside-down before removing spring housing after which the ball can be poked out from inside the cross shaft bore so that the ball can be caught before it bounces off never to be seen again.
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