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Post by Rugbysheep » Thu May 10, 2018 11:45 am
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Hi Guys
Need a little help re a 1973 CF Bedford my wife and I wre doing up. We have had the old tyres taken off the original 14" rims so the rims can be powder coated. We forgot to take note of what size the tyres were that were on the rims. Our local Tyre guy needs to know what size so he can fit the right ones being mind full that we have a highway diff in our Bedford. Don't want anything low profile as its a camper and will be doing a few K' day.
Reading through the forums after completing a 'tyre' search, it looks like we may need to fit 215x14 65???

PS. in the rim it has stamped 5 1/2 x 14

Re: Tyres

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Post by Phil Bradshaw » Club admin » Thu May 10, 2018 1:56 pm
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Model code is the first 3 numbers of the chassis number which should be on the registration document, e.g. 973- for 97360, 97370, 97390 models.
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