Re: 1978 CF350 Dual Wheel Jumbo Poptop Camper

Post by jimbo110 » Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:18 am
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I was trying to work out a replacement pulley for the power steer pump as I don't want power steering (the big pulley on the bottom left) and then I thought, why not pull the guts out of it and just leave it as a pulley.


So I pulled it apart to try to remove the vanes but couldn't get that far, so I reassembled it and just removed the pressure valve and springs. Now it just circulates oil within itself and cant make any pressure. I half filled it with oil and sealed up the pipes. It shouldn't make any heat as there is no pressure, let's see how long it lasts...………………………. :brew: . This way it uses a standard serpentine belt, easy to get another when the time comes. The bearing in the pump is just one bush, so as long as it's wet with oil it should be ok.

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