Where to ask if you're not sure of the make/model of your special body (motor home, bus, ambulance etc.).
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Re: Hi Can Anyone tell me what the motorhome body is on my CF2 C-reg 1985 Please ?

Post by GoodShipCF2 » Subscribing Member » Fri Mar 01, 2019 7:13 am
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Hi Folks , thanks for replying as always :thumb:

Dear Nigel - Parkern - thanks for the CF Luton body link . I had a look . Yes Lutons are very popular conversions. I'm sure a lot of Motorhome / Campervan enthusiasts would love to get their mitts on ex UPS parcel vans ! I believe though , that UPS , like a lot of large fleet operators , scrap, end of life vehicles in-house . Shame really .

Dear Dave - thanks for your link too . I'm still not sure what my van is worth , but a heck of a lot less than the baby in the link you sent ! That would be nice , add a lot to my Ducati Fund !!! :brew:

lots to do as always .

Anybody got any views on Brexit ??? :o :lol: ... have I just started the crash for the forum ... :lol: ...

Best wishes to all :brew:
Kevin - B'ham
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Re: Hi Can Anyone tell me what the motorhome body is on my CF2 C-reg 1985 Please ?

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Post by bluebedouin » Sun Mar 17, 2019 7:23 pm
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It's definitely not a bedouin,although it does look similar.A landliner also has similar lines to a bedouin.I tend to agree with Packern,it looks as though it could have been a home conversion.I'm sure I read somewhere that you can get the full vehicle history from dvla,if so it should say whether it started life as a van.

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