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The Questions section is divided into sub-sections in the same order as in GM Service Training Manuals with some sub-sections further divided.

If your problem fits a section or sub-section then click on the section title to go and start a new topic there.

Top of the list is the Diagnostics section: it's a catch all section for problems that might have a number of possible causes in different systems (e.g. ignition and fuel) or if your CF has you completely baffled and you don't know where to start.

If all else fails then post in the Miscellaneous section at the bottom.

Don't worry about using the wrong section if you're not sure where the problem is: someone will tidy up every now and then and inform members accordingly.

Body and frame
  • Production models only
Front axle and front suspension

Rear axle and rear suspension


  • Petrol

Manual transmission

Automatic transmission

Propellor shaft

Fuel and exhaust
  • Petrol
Steering and road wheels

Electrical equipment and instruments
  • Charging system
    Starting system
    Instruments - early models
    Instruments - later models
    Switches - early models
    Switches - later models
    Lighting and signal systems - early models
    Lighting and signal systems - later modesl
    Windshield wiper and wash
Cooling system

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