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Photos can be added as attachments to posts: the file size limit is 4MB.

This should be adequate for up to 10 megapixel (which is 3648x2735 on my camera) but most photos don't require such a high resolution.

An alternative is to upload photos to a hosting site (e.g. Google Photo that comes bundled with a gmail account) then copy & paste the URL of each photo into post text using the Img button above the post message box.

Adding a line break between text and photos (or a blank line as here) will prevent inline display that can spill outside screen width.

If all else fails then contact admin for help.

OneDrive users: refer to this support topic.

Photobucket users: no need to use the Img button above the post message box. Photobucket link automatically includes Image.

From 6 June 2017 displaying an image from a Photobucket account on a forum is defined as third party hosting which now is chargeable. ... otobucket/


In order to keep costs down there isn't much space available for attachments on the CF Org server. However, rather than disable the attachments feature, a work-around is to copy attached photos to the club library Google account and edit the relevant post to include the same photos as image links and then delete the attachments. The original posters then can edit their posts to rearrange photos as they please.

This does not affect anyone's right to remove their photos as they wish: this can be done by editing relevant posts. Nor does it seek to affect anyone's intellectual property rights - what's yours remains yours - and copy images will NOT be used outside the club without first obtaining permission and in any event can be deleted from the club library account on request.
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