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Hi Phil

So sorry I've not been on here for a while, many thanks for your advice, I was think of putting a fuel filter BEFORE the electric pump and still have the one in the engine bay do you have this set up? Or will the normall one in the engine bay be enough.

I only mentioned it as I've read that a fuel filter before the pump can cause air locks and I don't want to cause any more problems!
My other thought was to fit an inline manual fuel cut off valve (just off of the fuel tank) to make it easier the next time the filter needs changing (if one is fitted before the electric pump to save it from damage) but am I over thinking things as usual!

Many thanks

Re: Electric fuel pump

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Post by Phil Bradshaw » Club admin » Mon Feb 11, 2019 2:16 pm
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Normally there isn't a fuel filter in the engine bay unless one has been added by a previous owner. CF2 models were fitted with a mesh sock on the pick-up pipe in the tank (which is good enough to protect fuel lift pumps) and a fine screen filter inside the carburettor inlet nut.

I've fitted a filter with sediment trap under the heater air intake as a remedy for water in fuel from condensation inside the tank when the van isn't used for a while as well as (so far) removing the need to clean out the idle jet in the carburettor on an annoyingly regular basis.


It's a filter for diesel engines so will impart some drag on fuel flow so is best fitted on the pressure side of the electric pump; this isn't necessary with a mesh screen filter or in-line filter with single layer pleated element ... until they clog up.

Electric pump on my CF2 is under the cab floor on the passenger side where the original fuel line passes; outlet from the electric pump goes to the filter; filter outlet goes to the mechanical pump.

There shouldn't be need for cut-off valve for filter changing; electric pump on my van fills the system fast enough from dry.
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Re: Electric fuel pump

Post by webby » Mon Feb 11, 2019 5:08 pm
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That's a really good idea, I might have to borrow that idea as it seems to make a lot of sense and sounds like it can save a fair bit of hassle too.

Thanks once again Phil your a gent and all this advice is priceless.


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