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Clutch cable changing

Post by camper23 » Subscribing Member » Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:32 pm
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Hi to all.

This is a rookie question I am sure!

I am cutrrently mulling over all the bits needed to swap gearboxes in my CF (vauxhall to a ZF) and with Phils help I have a shopping list for bits to get.

However, whilst looking at the clutch cable that I need, I was looking at the cable fitment through the bulkhead to the pedal box and thought " that looks a cow of a job to get at!" My first though would be to pull out the spring clips from the pedal pivot pin , slide it out enough to drop down the clutch pedal and get at things that way. But even then there does not appear to be much room to work! With failing eyesight it does not look much fun.

I had a look at the manuals on the forum for removal procedure which did not illuminate much unless I missed something.

I am sure there must be a dodge or two to make the job easier that people have found by trial and error? Or is it a pedal box out job?

Any pointers appreciated as it would be good to know the "easy way" when I come to swap the gearboxes over or even in the case of a breakdown.

Many thanks


Re: Clutch cable changing

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Post by Phil Bradshaw » Club admin » Sun Aug 13, 2017 9:52 pm
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Before the top end of the cable can be removed the cable has to be detached from the clutch fork end and brought out over the top of the front panel/radiator grille.

At the pedal end of the cable remove clip (12) which is special spring retainer for the grooved clevis pin (41).

It's possible to see the clip from beneath the dash but removing it usually involves feeling around the top of the pedal to release the clip without clear view of what you're doing ...


Clip -


Lift the tab to clear the end of the pin then slide the clip off the pin.

Remove the pedal return spring (43).

Slide out grooved pin (41) from clutch cable clevis (42).

Manoeuvre slotted side of clevis (42) on the cable to allow inner cable ball to pass through the clevis pin hole; remove clevis.

Pull off rubber stop (40) and withdraw it and yourself from under the dash.

From under the bonnet, pull inner cable to seat ball end against nut (34).

Back under the dash, hang a 3/4-inch AF ring spanner on nut (34) so that the spanner will jam against the top of the pedal support bracket in the next step.

From under the bonnet, hold the cable clear of the front panel/radiator grille and apply a 3/4-inch open end spanner to the cable at the bulkhead to unscrew the whole cable in nut (39) once the ring spanner jams against the pedal support bracket.

Continue turning cable until nut is free, after which it should be possible to go back under the dash and spin off the nut with the fingers once the ring spanner is out of the way (if it hasn't fallen off already).

Retrieve the flat washers (38) and (37, one off) from under the nut.

Back under the bonnet, withdraw the cable from the bulkhead and retrieve washer (37) on that side.
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Re: Clutch cable changing

Post by camper23 » Subscribing Member » Mon Aug 14, 2017 8:03 am
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Thanks once again Phil!

Seems there is no easy way! I guessed it would require some patience and dexterity.

I image a fair bit of cursing will be required on refitting !
A second person on standby will be useful for fitting the new cable I think.



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