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PMs and emails to club administrators

Posted: Fri Dec 29, 2017 4:39 pm
by admin
Messages that should be posted on the forum should not be sent to club administrators except by invitation.

Individual administrators are free to apply this requirement as they see fit.

Accounts where this requirement MUST be observed are -

admin (forum and website admin)
Phil Bradshaw (club admin)
Chairman (club admin)
Secretary (club admin)
Treasurer (club finances)
Membership Secretary (membership applications, records)
Librarian (Reference Library, General Library)
Parts (club Parts Department); see under 'CAUTION' in PARTS ENQUIRIES for specific exemption from the requirement.

Newly registered members: please have a look around the forum first before sending a PM or email that may be inappropriate; often the answer already is on the forum!

Subscribing Members who wish to contact a club administrator about a specific issue can find the role description and responsibilities of each here.

The reason for all this is that PM and email traffic to admin accounts is becoming unmanageable because of the sheer volume of inappropriate messages being sent. :wall:

If you are unsure where to post a message, or cannot find a suitable place, then contact admin to ask where is best: part of the role is to help members get the best from the forum. :thumb:

Re: PMs and emails to club administrators

Posted: Mon May 07, 2018 2:25 pm
by admin
Some members still seem to think that Acceptable Use does not apply to them.

Members who persist in sending inappropriate PM and email to club administrators will have their accounts suspended at the third strike.

Registering an account on the forum is for posting on the forum. Use it or lose it.