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Steering "Wobble" & Tug

Post by Shambolic » Sun Mar 05, 2017 5:05 am
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Etheldead had a bit of a strange wobble through the steering wheel. Not really obvious at very low speed, but anything 30mph up it shows. It's not entirely unlike a wheel out of balance, but is more of a shimmy than vibration.

I've also noticed when approaching full lock the castor effect is lost and the wheels want to actually pull the steering even more around - I suspect tracking, but can't recall if this points to too much toe in or out.

Passed the MOT less than 24 hours ago, so I'm assuming nothing is actually loose (such as rack, rod end). Which has me a bit baffled as to what is causing the shimmy.

Re: Steering "Wobble" & Tug

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Post by Phil Bradshaw » Club admin » Sun Mar 05, 2017 9:28 am
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Check tyres and wheels for distortion (easier to assess with wheel raised from ground and rotated to check for out of round, tyre bulges etc.). Swap suspect wheels front to rear and test drive to confirm suspicions.

Check front hub bearings for excessive end float; any obvious shake soon after MoT test may indicate lack of lubricant in the bearings and, or, bearing damage.

Check all wheel nuts for security and condition especially the conical faces, likewise the conical seatings in the wheels (front and rear). Check for contact of wheel nut cones with brake drums.

Having to heave the steering back from full lock isn't necessarily a problem when radial ply tyres fitted, to be expected more on short wheelbase models as part of the tight turning circle selling point of the CF.

Check for unusual tyre wear indicating misalignment. I.e. left and right outer edge wear for excessive toe-in, inner edge for excessive toe-out, differential wear left-right for incorrect suspension geometry.
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