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Squeeky turning

Post by mexicansteve » Sun Aug 31, 2014 4:10 pm
I'm sure this is a simple thing but I'm in the dark. When turning left or right (it used to only be left) there is a squeeking noise coming from the general wheel area, any ideas? brakes? ball joints?

Re: Squeeky turning

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Post by Phil Bradshaw » Club admin » Sun Aug 31, 2014 4:45 pm
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If the noise only occurs when the steering is turned then check the upper and lower suspension arm and track rod end ball joint/s both sides.

What you're looking for is one or more rubber dust boots split, insecure, detached or missing and ball pin/s underneath washed dry of lubricant or even going rusty. Sometimes it may be necessary to lift dust boots on each ball joint to track down the guilty one.

That said, more often than not it's a lower ball joint making the din.
It will be necessary to jack up the van under the wishbone to relieve the joint of spring load before trying to get any lubricant into the lower ball joint, either via the grease nipple on early type or, on later type with no grease nipple, by lifting the boot and applying a slurry of engine oil and grease.

If a dollop of grease stops the noise then bear in mind that a ball joint run dry or gone rusty soon may need replacing anyway due to excessive play. Split, insecure, detached or missing dust boot also will be a fail at MoT test time.
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