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Front Subframe Removal?

Post by Shambolic » Sun Mar 12, 2017 6:54 pm
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I may well need to remove the front suspension/ crossmember from a CF in the next few days. It's part of a bare cab, so no engine etc in the way.

Can anyone tell me what size spanners/ sockets I'll need, and roughly how many fastenings are involved?

It's a little way from home, so I need to go prepared...

Re: Front Subframe Removal?

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Post by Phil Bradshaw » Club admin » Sun Mar 12, 2017 8:39 pm
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For a CF1 -

1+1/8 inch AF for control rod nuts - 2 spanners (one open end) or open end spanner and deep socket.

9/16 inch AF socket for control rod bracket to axle beam bolts. Hammer to batter bolt heads and, or, heat to loosen corrosion. Or leave control rods on axle, work on bolts later.

13/16 inch AF socket for axle bracket to chassis longitudinal member bolts. Hexagon impact socket best - ordinary bi-hexagon socket can round off bolt heads.

2x 1/2 inch AF spanners (one ring at least) for steering shaft upper pinch bolt (easier to remove than cotter pin at rack).
To remove steering column first: 7/16 inch AF for upper bracket and toe panel bolts, cross head screwdriver for cowl and stalk switch/es if still fitted. Also 3/8 inch AF in case bolts are later 'weight saver' type with small heads.

9/16 inch AF open end for female brake union nuts, 7/16 inch AF open end for male nuts. Or cut through pipes at chassis.

3/4 inch AF socket for wheel nuts (5-stud wheels).

1/2 inch drive 'breaker bar', 600mm at least to break off heads of badly corroded axle bracket to chassis bolts.

To remove brake drum and hub assemblies: 1 + 1/8 inch socket for earlier type with castellated nut, 1 + 1/4 inch for later type with plain nut and castellated retainer. Pincers or pliers to remove split pin.
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