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Propellor shaft -> Kaput

Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:34 pm
by mortalha
As i was saying in my presentation...

Last week, after 6 months of minor problems (some cooling water leaks and starting issues fault of the filter in the tank), and (semi :) )rally trails in the wineyards of france, my van's proppelor shaft bearing practically broke, the cardan disappeared, and the rubber inside the shaft in the gear side broke also..

I guess i'll have to get a new prop shaft, so... in france, bedford vans are kinda rare, anyway i've checked and called every single announce i could find for CF wrecks and parts.. and everything i could find was :

this CF350 2.3d, which the owner told me maybe wouldn't fit the cf250.. ... tm?ca=18_s

and this Opel Blitz ZF S4 gear box (that's what he told me) and prop shaft, which he told me it would be necessary to buy AND mount both of them, because supposedly the shaft wouldn't correspond to my original 250d gearbox ... ... tm?ca=18_s

the whole prop shaft of my cf measures around 1.71m.

i'll post some photos when i can, but meanhwhile i would really need some help to know how to get this done, because i won't, and virtually can't go anywhere until i get this repaired.... little and smart advices to repair this prop shaft, model equivalences with other cars, cutting and welding, even forging are welcomed as solutions for my improvised mechanical skills to put in practise.. i've got help anyways.

thanks in advance everyone :thumb:

Re: Propellor shaft -> Kaput

Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:40 pm
by Phil Bradshaw
CF350 propellor shaft and centre bearing are heavier construction and shaft is about 50cm longer than CF250.

CF250D Facelift (to 1984) propellor shaft should have a constant velocity plunge joint behind the centre bearing, 1 universal (Cardan) joint to front and rear and a sleeve yoke to match the transmission shaft splines (usually Opel 4-speed for European manufacture, Vauxhall 4-speed for UK manufacture).


ZF transmission for CF250 has a different shaft arrangement - 3 universal joints with a conventional splined sleeve coupling behind the centre bearing. Rear flange changes with axle type (Bedford or Salisbury, either possible on CF250).

ZF centre bearing arrangement for CF350 (left), CF250 (right) showing splined sleeve coupling -


Bedford axle has 1-inch AF hexagon oil level/filler plug. Salisbury axle has 1/2-inch square level/filler plug and also an identical drain plug.

Change from Opel or Vauxhall 4-speed to ZF 4-speed requires the Opel clutch housing for ZF, gear shift lever, floor plate and gaiter, propellor shaft and centre bearing assembly, spacer brackets bolted to the chassis to lower transmission to clear cab floor, speedometer cable. May also require clutch release bearing for ZF.

Some pictures will help. :thumb:

Re: Propellor shaft -> Kaput

Posted: Tue Feb 06, 2018 8:40 pm
by mortalha
First, sorry for not giving any news Phil. And thanks for the clear answer in this topic (and all the others)

So, meanwhile, i've found a cheap wrecked 2.3d , with everything in it - prop shaft and (ZF) gearbox haha, GM engine, etc..

Lack of attention and experience, i took my new bedford prop shaft... and found the sleeve yoke was different from the Vauxhall gearbox output shaft.
Then I tried to change the sleeve yoke from my ZF propshaft, but the old Vauxhall yoke assembly with the UJ was deformed, cause all the shaking when the center bearing broke..

So in the present day i have this dilemma: or i change the 'new' ZF gearbox into my GM 2.5d engine, or i change my perfect 2.5 engine with this 2.3d engine that didn't start since 3 years (but supposedly it works), everything so it fits the prop shaft - that's why it's a dilemma.

My question here is there a shortcut instead of probably slaining two bedfords for a broken propshaft?

Re: Propellor shaft -> Kaput

Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 1:52 pm
by Phil Bradshaw
ZF transmission and clutch housing including release bearing and fork should swap from one GM diesel engine to another.

Clutch and flywheel for the 23D is not the same as for 21D and 20D. Crankshafts are the same so flywheels should swap if necessary.

Propellor shafts can be modified by cutting and welding and then balanced; this work normally is best done by a specialist.

A thought: have you tried Bedford-France for a propellor shaft?