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New Front Windscreen CAN ANYONE HELP

Post by John Hoban » Wed Jun 24, 2015 9:12 pm
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Hi all, I have just bought a new windscreen from Pilkington glass. "What an idiot" I hear you shout. The truth is, I've spent the last 2 years looking for one to fit my van. Its roughly 10cm taller than an ordinary CF. Anyhoo cut to the question. I've just had it fitted by a big UK company and they haven't a clue. Claytronite rubber window seals are not that rare, or so I think. Its badly fitted, bulging in corners and already has a 5cm crack. It cost £1000 and was hand made. To say a tear came to my eye, well many is an understatement.

Can anyone suggest a professional windscreen fitter, before the problem gets worse.

Cheers, John

Re: New Front Windscreen CAN ANYONE HELP

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Post by Phil Bradshaw » Club admin » Wed Jun 24, 2015 11:26 pm
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Incompetent fitting may be grounds to sue the pants off the company, especially if the screen is cracked because likely it will spread and possibly very quickly if the screen and rubber haven't been bumped into place properly.

I wouldn't expect another fitter with any sense to go near it with a crack already present because the screen could break as soon as it is disturbed, or the crack could spread far enough to fail the MoT test.

Maybe you first stop should be your local Citizens Advice Bureau ...
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