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Account activation

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Post by admin » Site Admin » Fri Jan 10, 2014 1:16 pm
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If you have completed the forum registration process but your account hasn't been activated within a day or so then check your email inbox for a message from with the subject Welcome to "Bedford CF Org".

If there's no message in your inbox then check your email junk folder.

In the message there will be a link to follow to verify your email address.

Once you follow the link and your email address is verified your account can be activated.

There is no need to register more than one account per user.


1. Accounts registered using throw-away email addresses that expire the same day will not be activated.

2. Subscribing Member application is a separate process: use the form on the Join the club page after registering an account on the forum.
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Use of proxy servers

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Post by admin » Site Admin » Thu Sep 04, 2014 2:08 pm
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There is no objection to members using proxy servers including Tor network but please bear in mind that IP addresses may be block listed due to spam traffic and other undesirable activity.

Requests to forum admin for exceptions to be made in forum security settings for IP addresses appearing in DNSBL or SBL records will be refused irrespective of any reasons given for a request.

If you think that an IP address should not be blocked then refer to spamcop and spamhaus.

See Wikipedia DNSBL for further information.

Purging of inactive accounts

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Post by admin » Site Admin » Fri Dec 22, 2017 1:19 am
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Time-out for accounts to be deleted as inactive is 2 years from the last activity logged by the forum software.

From 22 December 2017 accounts also will be deleted if they remain inactive for 3 months after registration (i.e. no message posted on the forum).

Time-out of 2 years is enabled as soon as a message is posted within the 3 month period.

If your newly-registered account is deleted after the first 3 months then simply re-register.

If an account is deleted after 2 years inactive then a fresh registration will be necessary.
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