Important Announcement. All members please read.

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Post by admin » Site Admin » Mon Apr 20, 2015 10:58 pm
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In order to ensure the continuity of the club and its development according to the wishes and needs of its members we ought to come together from time to time to discuss the performance of the club and strategies and outlook for going forward.

The arena for this is the Annual General Meeting and although this may conjure up thoughts of formal proceedings and talking heads in suits prattling on about stuff hardly anyone can be bothered with we can be as informal as we please and talk about things that we want to because the club exists as an unincorporated association.

This informal approach is fine all the while that individual members are prepared to cater for different facets of the club in their own names and can keep themselves safe from liability for breach of contract and claims for liability and, when any member ceases to do so, other members are prepared to take on the responsibilities.

Now that the number of registered members has topped 500 and is increasing steadily (which has been the case for some time now) we ought to think to the future and consider the implications of the club developing beyond the willingness and skills of a few individuals to maintain the flow and develop and expand services available to members such as the Parts Department, club Gatherings and so on.

One step at a time though: first we need to confirm that things as they are suit a majority of members, elect members who are willing to volunteer to take on responsibilities of vacant roles and decide on things like subscriptions and any other business within the remit of an AGM.

This ought to happen sooner rather than later so that we don't end up tied in knots trying to sort out too many things at once so September this year is proposed as being suitable as being after most members will be back from their annual holidays and before they become embroiled in preparations for Christmas.

For any AGM it is important that as many members as possible take part so that the outcome reflects the views of a representative majority. For the first AGM, given that there is no cost in becoming a Subscribing Member until level and frequency of subscriptions is decided by members at this AGM, anyone who is not already a Subscribing Member who wishes to have a say in how the club is managed should sign up as a Subscribing Member before 30 June. Likewise Subscribing users who have not yet sent off an application should do so before 30 June otherwise their status will revert to Registered user.

This does not prevent applications being sent after 30 June but anyone not a Subscribing Member by then may miss out on having their say in good time. This is because the Agenda for the AGM will be posted on the forum and to our offline members soon after 30 June so that ample time is available for nominations and proposals for any other business to be accepted before formal announcement of the AGM.

Apart from printing the Subscribing Member application form to fill in and send by post the following options are available which should cater for most members' circumstances including those outside the UK.

1. Edit the PDF form and send that as an attachment to email to the address on the form.

2. Scan the completed form as JPG then attach that to email to the address on the form.

3. If all else fails then send a plain text email listing the information required on the form with the statement -
    • I agree to be bound by the Constitution of Bedford CF Org and any terms and
      conditions as may be applied from time to time by the Council in accordance
      with the Constitution.
If anyone has any questions or problems then please use the Admin section of the Subscribing Members area.

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Post by admin » Site Admin » Mon Jun 01, 2015 8:37 pm
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As sent by email to all members -
  • This is reminder to everyone so that all those who wish to have a say in
    what goes on at the first Annual General Meeting of the club but as yet
    have not signed up as a Subscribing Member can do so in good time.

    The Important Announcement posted 20 April 2015 refers -
    viewtopic.php?f=129&t=1683 - and details on ways
    of sending the Subscribing Member application are at the bottom of the

    Please don't leave things to the last minute and expect to sign up as a
    Subscribing Member once the AGM is in progress because it may be impossible
    to accommodate applications then and in any event will be long past the
    time to have items put on the Agenda.
Anyone who hasn't received this email (or previous two emails regarding the Important Announcement above) should contact admin in case there is a problem with their email client.

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Post by admin » Site Admin » Tue Aug 04, 2015 3:25 pm
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A new section First AGM September 2015 has been created in the Subscribing Members > Admin area so that Subscribing Members can air their views on the proposed Agenda.

All Subscribing Members will receive an email confirming this.

Anyone who is not yet a Subscribing Member and wishes to have a say in how the club is managed can still sign up as a Subscribing Member as explained in the first post above.


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