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Hello! new 1980 CF1 owner from Slovenia.

Post by peeping_tom » Subscribing Member » Wed Aug 22, 2018 5:14 pm
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I'm from Slovenia and after a looooooong searh i am finally the owner of a Bedford CF230 passenger van - with 9 seats, at least on paper ;)

I'm in love with CF's for quite a while despite I've never driven one and they are a rare sight on our roads. But I do have an Opel Ascona B with a 2.0 CIH engine that I restored and that I drive quite a lot, so the big GM brother from another mother is a logical next step in size :D

The reason I was looking for a 9 seater is that it can double as a touring van for our band, as well as a camper for the missus and our 2 dogs. I finally found one in Croatia,
it's a 1980 model that started life in Italy with a 2.0 GM diesel engine, and was later fitted wit what I believe is a 2.3D 73hp engine from a Rekord or Omega. Will have to check on the numbers, but it's a 2.3 for sure and has the vacuum for the brakes coming out of the fuel pump rather than the back of the alternator... that is not the usual way, is it?

The van is fairly rusty and needs some bodywork, but since it spent all it's life on the adriatic coast, it hasn't seen any harsh winters and salty roads, so all the rust is barely superficial, except for the roof around the gutter and the lower part of the side&rear doors which are pretty bad - but then again, ascona looked like that before too, so I'm pretty confident it won't be too much trouble to make new parts. At least access it better on the van than on the car ;)

The van will be fairly stock when finished.

I do wanna install a 5speed gearbox with overdrive, becouse most of the time the van will be only about 1/3 laden, and I like to kid myself the 2.3D has a bit more oooolala than the stock 2.0 :D

It also came without the passenger seats and even the drivers seat is not original, so I'll have to find a cheap, but safe and aesthetic replacement for that from a more common van... any suggestions?

There are some bits missing, like the side door lock barrel; left mirror, some switches, but nothing too terrible.

First, i have to remove all the rust anyway. The brakes will be completely new - I'll sick with the stock 9'' drums for now and see how they work. I will put on all new brake lines and cylinders, pretty sure new pads too, and will either refurbish the master cyl or just buy a new one, depending on availability and price...

All the rubber around the windows is in great shape, thankfully... Not the same can be said for the door seals, but I can get similar replacements at the local hardware store.

The engine is said to be in perfect shape, but It's been parked for so long I won't even bother trying to start it... It's going out, I will clean the gunk out of the oil pan and adjust the valves, change the water pump, fan belt and filters, give it a paint job and that's it.-- i hope....

HEre are a few pics of the current state:

with the little brother, Opel Ascona 2.0E, which is a completely awesome car. I've had it for 16 years - 3 years and 15k km since full resto:




ok, that's enough for now. The first order of business is, stretching the garage roof so it will be out of the rain and stuff ;)
Will be back soon with questions, ideas, rants etc. :)

Re: Hello! new 1980 CF1 owner from Slovenia.

Post by RobX » Thu Aug 23, 2018 12:02 pm
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Hi, and welcome! If you're doing any bodywork, you'll enjoy this blog. Join the club and you'll be able to get the manuals telling you where the weld points are, etc.

Re: Hello! new 1980 CF1 owner from Slovenia.

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Post by VDUB384 » Club admin » Thu Aug 23, 2018 1:50 pm
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Hi welcome to the club.
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Re: Hello! new 1980 CF1 owner from Slovenia.

Post by peeping_tom » Subscribing Member » Fri Aug 24, 2018 10:45 am
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Done subscribing ;)

The blog is very informative, and quite intimidating... :o I did not plan to take it to such extremes, although I'm aware once you start opening it up, the rust just keeps coming... :wall: Too bad it's nearly impossible to get larger bits like doors and roof around here... Oh well, at least sheet metal is cheap and the whole project shouldnt be tooexpensice if I do it all myself, including painting... just terribly time consuming. I'm dreaming about making it roadworthy in a year, but realistically it's probably more like 2 years...

Re: Hello! new 1980 CF1 owner from Slovenia.

Post by rich4you » Subscribing Member » Tue Aug 28, 2018 5:31 pm
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Hi welcome to the club. :thumb:

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