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As a general guide, CFs made before 1 January 1976, i.e. with with chassis number up to FY612574 (approximately the end of December 1975), should be 'historic vehicles' exempt from vehicle tax.

Annotated extract from Taxing historic vehicles (INF34) -

    How you tax your vehicle in the historic vehicle tax class

    The first time you tax a vehicle in the historic vehicle tax class you must apply to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1DZ.
    You will need (amongst other things - see INF34):

    A Vehicle registration certificate (V5C) – this must clearly show that the vehicle was made or first registered
    before 1 January 1975.

    If you do not have a V5C, or if you think the age shown is incorrect, you will need to produce an extract from the
    manufacturer/factory record or an extract from the appropriate ‘Glass's Check Book’.

    Dating certificates from a vehicle enthusiasts’ club are not acceptable to change the date of manufacture for an
    already registered vehicle.

    (If the V5C indicates that the vehicle was registered from 1 January 1976 up to and including 7 January 1976, we
    will let you register it as a historic vehicle, based on the assumption that the vehicle would have been made in the
    previous year).

    The vehicle tax still needs to be applied for even if there is no need to pay vehicle tax, or a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notice) must be made.
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Monthly production figures for the Bedford CF range are held by the Vauxhall Heritage Centre.
However, they are not permitted to release these from within the organisation.

Members can apply individually for information about their own CFs to -

    Andrew J Boddy
    Senior Vehicle Restorer & Team Leader
    Vauxhall Heritage Centre UK1-450-450
    Griffin House
    Osborne Road
    LU1 3YT

    01582 426527

If any member has a record of when their CF was produced then please let admin know the details so that any errors in the table of estimated Production month by chassis number can be corrected. :)


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