Where to find help when you want to change major units on your CF - engine, transmission, brakes etc. - or upgrade earlier models to later specifications.
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Best option is the propellor shaft for the Bedford axle from a CF2 with ZF traqnsmission. Centre bearing mounting to the chassis cross member may be different but shouldn't be too difficult to adapt with a lump of steel angle or similar.

To change from larger flange for the Salisbury axle requires the smaller yoke for the shaft as well as the flange yoke, i.e. cut and weld. Don't destroy a good propellor shaft with a CV joint on it unless you can't avoid it: better to carve up a knackered one, maybe an earlier one-piece for the larger diameter tube (but use shaft front yoke from one-piece shaft with rubber damper at the rear - same size universal joint but the damper isn't required for shorter shafts). Balancing may cost more than the machining and welding ....
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Postby Phil Bradshaw » Sun Sep 17, 2017 9:41 pm

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Thanks for that Phil.

I will not be destroying the propshaft it just goes against the grain.

I should add further to me predicament.

The propshaft I purchased (I thought) was from a SWB CF which had been modified (shortened) to connect to a frontera engine and gearbox conversion which never happend. The idea was it would fit my SWB CF with my new ZF box but need an extension to the front part of the propshaft flage to mate up with the output flange on the ZF. So far so good, as making an extension flange is within my capability. However, as well as the propshaft flange not mating with my diff I have also offered up the propshaft to my SWB CF and the centre bearing does not align with with the existing one but is nearer to the next cross member further forward closer to the gearbox.

In other words I think it is off a LWB. Luckily it will still be be 150mm short overall once the ZF box is in place. So my plan is the make two flange adaptors each approximately 75mm long. One with the same flange at each end (to match the ZF output flange and the flange on the front propshaft section). The other will have the diff flange on one end and the other the flange to suit the end of the propshaft. This allows the overhang for each to be reduced thus reducing the stress on the input bearing of the diff and (to a lesser degree) the output bearing of the gearbox. I t will also reduce the likely hood of out of balance/ eccentric situation. Thinking about it now i do not think the combination of a SWB CF with a ZF box exists in reality hence there is not a propshaft made with the correct diff flange, i should of asked you first!

Anyhow once that is done I will have to get inventive to mount the centre bearing which will not be near the normal position but further forward. I can vary the relative lengths of the two adaptors ( within limits) to shift the position of the centre bearing a little either way. From what i have measured flat on my back underneath the CF there should be room further forward to mount the centre bearing without it fouling anything. I have of course got to put in the spacers under the gearbox support beam for the ZF box which will drop it down a little more and give more leeway.

This is the perils of buying blind i am afraid.



IF and when it get done I will take a few photos it might help someone.

Postby camper23 » Tue Sep 19, 2017 12:04 pm