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Hi my name is James and I’ve just became the proud owner of a Bedford CF250 Dormobile Landcruiser purchased from a good friend. I live in Islandmagee, Northern Ireland.

I collected it on Saturday afternoon and took it to a Classic motor racing event at Dunboyne, Ireland. This event is known as the Spirit of Dunboyne. Stayed in it overnight and returned on Sunday night a round trip of 325 miles. I averaged 17 mpg there and 18 mpg return sitting at around 70 mph most of the time though It does prefer to cruise at 50 – 60 mph.

My main interests are Classic cars and motorcycles and now my camper both owning them and restoring or should I say working at them as I never seam to get them finished.

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Hi James welcome to the club :thumb:

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Hi James and welcome to the club.
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Hi James and welcome to the club. :thumb:
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Hi James - that's a great way to get started with your CF. Impressed. :) Welcome to the club.

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